Transfer Credit Appeals

ECU grants transfer credit for all courses in which students earned a “C-” or higher, and which were completed at an accredited institution.

Here are some common questions regarding appealing your finished credit evaluation.

My course didn’t receive credit. Can it be re-evaluated?

Yes! If you believe a course (or courses) should have transferred but didn’t, or if you don’t agree with how your course (or courses) transferred in, you should contact Credit Eval: We use College Source’s TES (Transfer Evaluation System) to assist departments in determining new articulations. While many departments will re-evaluate a course based on course description alone, if you have a course syllabus, you should go ahead and submit that with your request.

What are these 1XXX and 2XXX courses?

Any course that is not currently articulated at ECU is awarded 1XXX or 2XXX “elective” credit by subject. These courses count as credit toward your degree, but they¬† could potentially be a direct equivalent to another course. To determine this, our individual colleges, departments, and schools where these courses are taught may require a course syllabus to create a new articulation.

To have those courses reviewed for specific course equivalencies, speak with your academic advisor or send an email to

What is the Common Numbering System?

The UNC System created a common numbering system to ease transfer across the 16 public UNC System universities, as well as the School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). If you used the CNS to plan your transfer, but your official credit evaluation is not showing as you expected, you can initiate the UNC CNS Transfer Credit Appeal Procedure by clicking here.

NC CAA Transfer Credit Appeal Process

If you attended a North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) institution, and you believe the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) was not honored in the evaluation of your credits, you may begin the CAA Transfer Credit Appeal Procedure here.

If you have any other questions about appealing your credit evaluation, please send an email to