General Education Waiver

ECU’s General Education Program requires 40 hours in 7 Competency Areas. This requirement exists for all undergraduates, regardless of chosen major.

Students who transfer to ECU, specifically from a North Carolina Community College with an Associate in Arts , an Associate in Science, an Associate in Arts Teacher Preparation, or Associate in Science Teacher Preparation may request a review of their credits for a General Education Waiver.

To be considered for a waiver, NCCCS students must have

  • graduated with their A.A. or A.S. (or A.A.T.P. or A.S.T.P.)
  • submitted a final, official transcript on file from the community college where they graduated

The General Education Waiver does not

  • waive the Writing Intensive requirement (including ENGL 1100 and 2201)
  • waive the Domestic and Global Diversity requirements
  • waive the Health-Promotion and Health-Related Physical Activity requirements
  • waive any Cognate, prerequisite, or major specific course requirement
  • apply for other community college degrees other than the A.A. or A.S.

Transfer students may be granted a GE Waiver but not awarded transfer credit for courses below a “C-” if those courses are needed for a cognate, prerequisite, or major specific requirement.

Students who complete an A.A.S., A.E., A.F.A., A.G.E, or other community college degree do not qualify for a General Education waiver under the CAA.

However, should you believe you have completed necessary requirements within those degrees for a GE waiver, please feel free to fill out the online form as well!

To request a General Education Waiver, click the link below.

Online Form – General Education Waiver